Self Storage

image 6Sometimes moving creates a need for storage services.

 If you’re planning a move and your new home isn’t ready yet, what do you do? Or when you are relocated due to employment or a business purpose and you need to move immediately and your waiting for a new home to be allocated, what do you do?  Ask our agents about storage services in our local storage warehouses where we keep your household belongings safe and sound. Our moving storage facilities are clean and secure, with individual storage vaults for short term storage or long term moving storage needs.

We provide, some of the most secure, affordable and flexible options for storage available. Store things for as long as you need. Your local agent can provide you with some of the best storage options in your local community.

Storage Facilities and Services include: 

  • Long term storage and short term storage are available.
  • Warehouses monitored by state of the art, 24-hour security systems.
  • Competitively priced storage offers exceptional value.
  • Unparalleled convenience, door to door service from your home to our facilities and back.
  • Same care and professionalism from our highly trained movers who provide award winning moving services.
  • Safe storage and preparation of belongings, including padding needed for damage free storage.
  • Climate-controlled rooms for piano storage, fine artwork, books, and wine storage.

It’s not always practical to take all your belongings with you on an international move. But our custom-built storage facilities will store anything you will need to leave behind. Our secure storage facilities means we can store a wide range of goods for you. Our storage units can safely keep large, bulky items such as cars, or delicate valuables like antiques.

You can store belongings long term or short term, and because our storage services are managed in-house, we can integrate your storage services into the rest of your move. So, you’ll have just one point of contact for all your moving services. Our secure storage warehouses were designed to protect goods from rot, mildew, damp, and rodent infestations. Our storage units are also covered by 24 hour CCTV and are connected to an emergency fire system.

For more information about our moving storage services, please contact us at (480) 435-9731 or request a free, no-obligation moving estimate.